Value Analysis

Profitability and Value Analysis

Over the past thirty five years we have seen the operating results and financial conditions of hundreds of companies in various industries. Most of these companies are owned and operated by individuals who are busy working in the business instead of working on the business. This condition usually results in companies underperforming and under their optimum value. 

We at the Holliman Group have designed an affordable analysis tool which helps to identify areas of low profitability and value restraints. This tool utilizes current specific industry research as well as comparable operating results and financial conditions of other companies in the industry.

This profitability and value analysis was designed by us to be an effective and affordable resource for small businesses. Usually this analysis can be done within a couple of days for less than $1,000. We are confident that companies electing this service will find it extremely helpful in identifying those specific areas of their business that can be taken from fluctuant to consistent.

Our Profitability and Value Analysis include the following:

  • Investigation into your business model
  • Determination of value drivers
  • Identification of key officers and employees
  • Examination into the effect of the five competitive forces on your business
    • Supplier’s Power
    • Buyer’s Power
    • Threat of New Entrants
    • Threat of Substitute Products
    • Level of Existing Competition
  • Comparison of your business with our national industry databases (also known as our Profitability Report Card)
  • Ten-year operating cash flow projection
  • Certified value calculation
  • Recommendations for changes to Increase profitability and value

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